UF Ultimate Care 200billion


7-day program
200 billion active cultures; 2,000mg FOS
Great for travelers and before & after cleansing‡

Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 Billion™ is a 7-day, maximum potency probiotic and prebiotic program to help promote healthy digestive and immune function.? The comprehensive, high-potency formula targets the entire digestive tract to provide relief for occasional constipation and digestive upsets.?

Powerful Digestive and Immune Support
Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 Billion provides high-potency support for:

Improved Digestion Multi-strain blend helps improve digestion and relieve occasional constipation.‡
Healthy Detoxification 200 billion live cultures replenish a healthy balance of intestinal bacteria‡
Immune Function Probiotics help support the body’s immune function by promoting healthy flora balance‡
Travelers’ Support Grab-and-go packets help support travelers’ tummy and immune health away from home.‡

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7-day Max Support Probiotic Supplement for Critical Care Needs‡

– 7-day program
– Synergistic digestive & immune support‡
– Great for travelers‡
– 200 billion live cultures; 2,000mg FOS
– Comprehensive, high-potency relief‡