Taurine 200g

Verð : 2.490 kr

100% Taurine (66 skammtar)


Reduces the feeling of fatigue
Elevates oxygen composition in tissue
Stimulates metabolism and thereby fat-burning
Contributes to increased muscle pressure
Optimises contractility of muscle fibres


Taurine is the most common intracellular amino acid. Large amounts of taurine are available in the brain, retina, heart, and blood corpuscles, which are called thrombocytes. It supports neurological development and helps to regulate the level of water and minerals in the blood, and is a powerful antioxidant (prevents damages caused by free radicals). Taurine helps the body to absorb and convert fat to energy. Taurine is present in animal products and the body can produce taurine, but during physical and psychological stress the body cannot produce the required amount, therefore it is important to supplement with taurine. Optimal taurine levels promote contractility of muscle fibres, thus improving athletic performance, and keeps heart and blood vessels in good condition. Helps to dispose of lactic acid, which is the substance that causes the feeling of pain during intensive training. Taurine increases the production of signal substance GABA, which is vital for controlling the peaks of cortisol and adrenaline. Taurine has an effect similar to insulin, which improves the transport of glucose and other amino acids in the cell. Some scientific results have shown that taurine can reduce fatigue and has advantages in heat regulation (helps to stabilise body temperature during physical activity). Taurine promotes the transport of other amino acids and glycogen in muscle cells; the cells become extremely hydrated and it can promote protein synthesis and thereby the inhibition of muscle catabolism, which should lead to developing muscle mass and strength.


Take it as a daily supplement on an empty stomach. Mix 1 scoop about 1g in 2 cups desired drink.

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