Beta-Alanine 200g

Verð : 1.790 kr

100% Beta Alanine (66 skammtar)


Reduces lactic acid in musculature
Increases maximum capacity
Improves endurance


During heavy and intensive training you consume more energy than your body can produce. This generates lactic acid. As a result of heavy strain the body can not transport the lactic acid away from muscles, which in turn function more poorly. Beta-alanine supplement optimises the levels of karnosine and reduces the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles during training, which increases maximum capacity and delays exhaustion.


Take about 30 minutes before training for the best effect. Mix 1 scoop about 3g of 2-3 cups of cold water. - Smiðsbúð 9, 210 Garðabæ - - S: 8408240